SLCN’s Top Ten

SLCN’s TOP Ten is a list of the common priorities of the community organizations, (last updated November 2012): The top ten are topics  gathered by survey and polling of the 23 member organizations.

1. Notice to CO’s at time of application for all building and planning permits/appeals.

2. Budgeting, Coordination & long range planning for the maintenance and enhancements to core City infrastructure including coordination with 3rd party Utility Providers

3. Active understanding and focus on the Quality of Life in Salt Lake City’s Neighborhoods.

4. Creative Neighborhood Level Parking plans (especially near business nodes) that focuses on both safeguarding the quality of life and business success.

5. Active Neighborhood protection via mitigation and planning.

6. Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety from the perspective of the pedestrian and cyclist

7. Acquisition and preservation of Parks & Open Space

8. Protection of local businesses and their core revenue stream (citizens and tourists).

9. Balance the average household & business financial capacity in relations to the total long range City budget via taxes/fees/bonds, etc.

10.Increased understanding and support for the existing 23 community and neighborhood councils.

Click HERE to see a more complete discussion of these top concerns of community councils as collated by the SLCN Policy and Issues Committee.

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