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Salt Lake City is in the process of updating its ordinance relating to the recognition of Community Based Organizations.

The following are some questions SLCN has asked of the City regarding the ordinance:

1. We have found the following language to be very helpful in giving feedback to the City.

-The notice procedure for the meeting at which such recommendation was made;

– The vote on such recommendations;

– Any dissenting reports.

Are you planning to keep this information in the policy document that you are creating?

2. The following language seems new and it would be helpful to understand what this means to the City and what the language is meant to accomplish.

“These provisions shall not be deemed a waiver of any claim for immunity from suit on behalf of the volunteer.”

3. The proposed language for involvement suggests that City departments engage community-based organizations in City projects; but almost more critical from our vantage point are projects that involve private developments and master plan changes. We see that private developments and master plan changes are not specifically mentioned. Will these elements be considered in the new policy?

4. Is the City agreeing to advance this new ordinance in combination with the new policy you are developing or will they be sequential?

5. How does the new organization ordinance change the way you will operate and value community council input?

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